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Heart Energy~


Heart Energy~Clearing and Healing the Heart~

“The heart is the sun of our cellular universe.”  It is the sentient organ which manages the brain. It perceives and feels. The heart is 60 times greater electrically than the brain, and 5,000 times greater magnetically than the brain (Greg Braden). The Brain can be compared to the natural being and the heart to the spiritual being. Each heart has its own signature of electromagnetic waves, which remembers the electromagnetic signature of each heart it meets. (The Heart’s Code, by Paul Pearsall). The heart pumps fresh oxygen and nutrient rich blood through the body, keeping it alive. As importantly, the heart tells the brain which chemicals and impulses to send the body systems.

The heart is the 4th energy center or Chakra in our body. The heart expands and resonates with love, trust, truth, and our will to live.  The heart contracts in response to our emotional walls or blocks, such as distrust or betrayal. The heart is the center of all the Chakras. It is  the bridge or mediating energy between the lower, physical energy and the higher, spiritual energy. An open heart connects the two.  Ancient healers knew that what was felt in the heart was conveyed to the thymus gland and then to the body’s immune system. (Pearsall)

Autoimmune illnesses are rampant in our society, especially in women. What are we feeling in the heart to energetically support such illnesses? An autoimmune energy sends out “attack and destroy” antibodies, which create a type of “allergic reaction.” Sometimes autoimmune diseases are created by the energy of “carrying the world on our shoulders.”  (Messages From the Body, Narayan-Singh) By owning everyone’s burdens, there is little or no balance between positive giving and receiving. With this fuzzy boundary system, it is impossible to recognize what is my business, what is your business, and what is God’s business (Byron Katie).  Like breathing in and breathing out, we must give and receive in turn, knowing that “I end where you begin!”

Our heart can learn to be self compassionate, soft, and open.  We can do this by clearing our negative energy every day!  This can be done by writing for 7-15 minutes about the emotions that weigh us down. Tear up the paper upon which those negative emotions and thoughts are written, and toss it into the trash or burn it!  These actions clear the pathways in your heart, creating an efficient, open energy space. The heart is free to send positive energy out to the thymus and immune system, promoting healing and health.

Illness of any kind, and certainly autoimmune disease can be the body’s cry to”come home” (Pearsall), to re-connect with one’s heart. For example, when we have a cold, we find our favorite spot at home, wrap up in a cozy blanket, drink hot soup and tea, and take care of ourselves. Illness can be an invitation to love oneself, to take time for healing, renewal, and healthy lifestyles.

Take time to connect with your heart, picturing in your mind what it feels and looks like. Command any negative emotions to leave, sending them out of the body and into the Sun.  See the heart expand and fill with healing energy moving into every cell of the body.   Increase positive heart vibrations by saying words like~ “I love myself.”  This is a pattern for creating positive results in your body and your life!

I send you heart-loving energy~




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The Power of Clear Boundaries!

Today as I worked with some clients, I clearly saw anew how powerful clear boundaries are in living a life of freedom, joy, energy and creativity! I define ‘clear boundaries’ as knowing what IS my responsibility, and what is NOT in my life.  It is being accountable for my choices, thoughts, feelings, and actions.  A clear boundary is just that–a line which separates one thing from another.  My boundaries are the very edge of what is me, just before I get to what is you :>)

For example, Utah is Utah until I cross the border or boundary into another state, such as Idaho or Nevada.  Once I cross that state line, I am in a new state.  Once I leave being accountable for my space, my life, my choices and move into taking care of another person’s accountability, choices, life, and problem solving, then I am in another state of being. It is usually the ’state of denial’!

The problem with this moving into being accountable for another’s stuff, is that NO ONE IS LEFT AT HOME WITH ME TO TAKE CARE OF MY OWN RESPONSIBILITIES!

Author and mentor Byron Katie says that there are three kinds of business: my business, your business, and God’s business. I love that clarity!  It is so simple when I see life from that perspective.

Most of us send our energy out to any one that comes our way, trying to solve problems, or control an outcome, or create change, all outside ourselves.  Again, as Byron Katie says, that would be ‘insanity’.  Perhaps we can relate to how we attempt to have our childrens’ or spouses’ lives look a certain way.  When, in reality, they are gonna do what they are gonna do!

Helplessness is one of the unspoken messages we send to those for whom we attempt to carry burdens, or manage problems, or try to heal. In this we actually create the opposite of what we desire.  We create an environment for helplessness, and low self-esteem–the “I can’t do anything” attitude.  We actually create ‘crippled’ human beings by sponging up others’ emotions or problems.  And the person we cripple the most is ourselves out of mere neglect.

My mantra today is ‘Hurrah” for the boundary between you and me “Hurrah” for the power I have when I stay at home with my best friend–ME!

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The Breath of Life: Healing With Your Breath

There is a basic relationship between breathing and life energy, or ‘chi’. It holds the key to calmness, physical health, and clear thinking. Breathing is the key to meditation. When we slow and deepen our breath, we assist our digestion, begin to relax, slow down the heart, help balance our blood pressure, sleep deeper, increase our energy and our concentration. Breathing can literally heal our diseases, and increase performance levels in sports or the arts. Breathing connects us to ourselves, and to our Higher Power, or God.

Have you noticed when we are stressed, we often hold our breath? And when we move into fight or flight responses, our breathing becomes very rapid and shallow? When we relax, we breathe deeply, and sometimes exhale in big sighs. Breathing in a relaxed way feels good! Breathing integrates the body and the mind.

Controlled, directed breathing combined with movement and activity actually lessens the aging process. Instead of stagnant, toxin filled cells, stiff muscles and joints, and low oxygenation, breathing increases enlivened, cleared up, oxygenated cells that work effectively. Our energy levels increase.

When breathing in a relaxed manner during stretching, our muscles can actually lengthen, and release stress build up. Stretching to our limit, while doing relaxed breathing will lessen pain over time. Stretching our limits physically can also stretch our limits spiritually, emotionally. and psychologically. When patiently, consistently used, focused breathing can be one of our personal healing tools.


1. Inhale slowly and deeply, several times, letting the belly fill with air, then slowly release with the exhale. Four counts inhaling, four counts exhaling.

2. As you inhale, focus the breath into a place in the body that holds tension or pain. Hold the air in that space for a few seconds.

3. While slowly exhaling, counting to four or more, visualize the tension or pain flowing out of the body. Give it an exit place out of the body. It can be the feet, or the nose, or the navel.

4. Complete your relaxation visualization with several cleansing exhalations, using the “Ahhhh” sound.

5. Scan your body from the crown of your head, down through your neck, spine, hips, legs and feet. Notice how calm and relaxed you feel. Notice where you would like to focus more breath and oxygen for deeper relaxation.

6. Repeat this exercise whenever you feel stressed, tired, or need to center your thoughts. This is an excellent POWER BOOST for your work day, and can be done anywhere.

7. Relaxation breathing is especially effective when intense emotions arise. Use the breath to calm and clear negative emotions, replacing them with life affirming emotions.

Book to Read: “Breathe In and Breath Out” by James E. Loehr, and Jeffrey A Migdow, M.D

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SOMATO EMOTIONAL RELEASE: What the body is telling us about our emotions

The longer I work with my clients, and notice where their bodies hold stress, the more I see the connection between what they are feeling emotionally, and how they feel physically.

Most of us don’t recall consciously what our emotions are at a certain time unless there is trauma associated with the memory. Even then, we often block or store away our thoughts, beliefs and feelings about some things, just to cope with life and all its stresses. Often these core beliefs are constructed when we are children, and do not have the full picture.

Consistently, when I ask clients to describe what they notice about the tight or blocked places on their bodies, they have a very clear understanding of what may be stored there. In speaking about the past experience or issue the body begins to let go and relax. The emotions or energy in the stored place begins to release, and move through and out of the body. We feel lighter when we quit carrying around that old stuff! Accompanying that process, is often an understanding of what the truth is about ones self in that circumstance.

It’s surprising just how long we hold onto our personal beliefs, the ones about ourselves–the ones that actually govern our lives. If we feel abandoned, not heard, unlovable, angry, shameful, guilty, or any other human emotion, and carry those beliefs in our bodies, our bodies begin to show that in a lack of balance. Headaches, stomach and digestion issues, joint aches, back aches, and jaw issues are a few of the common physical problems..

To acknowledge our feelings, be aware of our thoughts, and investigate our beliefs is powerful. We actually create an opening for truth to occur. We create an outlet for our personal power, our authentic selves to be manifest. Then we can begin to come from the truth of who we are, instead of some old, worn out, false belief.

I encourage an investigation of our thoughts and feelings by writing in our journals, meditating, praying, asking ourselves questions about the old thoughts, and finding out the truth. It is freeing to wake up to things that stop us, and aren’t working in our lives. It is empowering to be who we really are without the lies. It’s freeing to take responsibility for what we feel, think and do.

As a therapist, I support each of you in your search for the truth about yourselves. And the truth about those who love you.

Let us love ourselves in truth so that we may truly love others. There are many sources for healing our emotions when we are ready to look at them.

Some Books to Read:


for an emotional release process, either in person, or by telephone, see my web site…