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Heart Energy~


Heart Energy~Clearing and Healing the Heart~

“The heart is the sun of our cellular universe.”  It is the sentient organ which manages the brain. It perceives and feels. The heart is 60 times greater electrically than the brain, and 5,000 times greater magnetically than the brain (Greg Braden). The Brain can be compared to the natural being and the heart to the spiritual being. Each heart has its own signature of electromagnetic waves, which remembers the electromagnetic signature of each heart it meets. (The Heart’s Code, by Paul Pearsall). The heart pumps fresh oxygen and nutrient rich blood through the body, keeping it alive. As importantly, the heart tells the brain which chemicals and impulses to send the body systems.

The heart is the 4th energy center or Chakra in our body. The heart expands and resonates with love, trust, truth, and our will to live.  The heart contracts in response to our emotional walls or blocks, such as distrust or betrayal. The heart is the center of all the Chakras. It is  the bridge or mediating energy between the lower, physical energy and the higher, spiritual energy. An open heart connects the two.  Ancient healers knew that what was felt in the heart was conveyed to the thymus gland and then to the body’s immune system. (Pearsall)

Autoimmune illnesses are rampant in our society, especially in women. What are we feeling in the heart to energetically support such illnesses? An autoimmune energy sends out “attack and destroy” antibodies, which create a type of “allergic reaction.” Sometimes autoimmune diseases are created by the energy of “carrying the world on our shoulders.”  (Messages From the Body, Narayan-Singh) By owning everyone’s burdens, there is little or no balance between positive giving and receiving. With this fuzzy boundary system, it is impossible to recognize what is my business, what is your business, and what is God’s business (Byron Katie).  Like breathing in and breathing out, we must give and receive in turn, knowing that “I end where you begin!”

Our heart can learn to be self compassionate, soft, and open.  We can do this by clearing our negative energy every day!  This can be done by writing for 7-15 minutes about the emotions that weigh us down. Tear up the paper upon which those negative emotions and thoughts are written, and toss it into the trash or burn it!  These actions clear the pathways in your heart, creating an efficient, open energy space. The heart is free to send positive energy out to the thymus and immune system, promoting healing and health.

Illness of any kind, and certainly autoimmune disease can be the body’s cry to”come home” (Pearsall), to re-connect with one’s heart. For example, when we have a cold, we find our favorite spot at home, wrap up in a cozy blanket, drink hot soup and tea, and take care of ourselves. Illness can be an invitation to love oneself, to take time for healing, renewal, and healthy lifestyles.

Take time to connect with your heart, picturing in your mind what it feels and looks like. Command any negative emotions to leave, sending them out of the body and into the Sun.  See the heart expand and fill with healing energy moving into every cell of the body.   Increase positive heart vibrations by saying words like~ “I love myself.”  This is a pattern for creating positive results in your body and your life!

I send you heart-loving energy~