Unlock the Power of Your Dreams! by Trudy Barnes


Bridging your sleeping and waking lives!

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What are your dreams telling you? Why do you have nightmares or recurring dreams? How can you understand your dreams?  What do your dream symbols represent? How can you remember your dreams? When is a dream important?

Trudy believes you can direct, heal and inspire your waking life, as you Unlock the Power of Your Dreams!

About the Author

Trudy Tyler Barnes – Music BA, Mormon Tabernacle Choir Alto (1995-2000), LMT, Cranial Sacral Therapist, and Integrative Healer. Trudy studied the Dream Interview Method at the Delaney-Flowers Dream Center in San Francisco, and has been a life long dreamer. Trudy is a writer, poet, journal keeper, and musician. She and her husband, Gary, live in Utah.  They have seven children, and 19 grandchildren.

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