Emotional Clearing Therapy

The client either lies down on the massage table, or is seated in a chair. The eyes are closed during the session. The use of muscle response testing (kinesiology), NLP (neuro- linguistic programming), visualization, role playing, clearing and re-framing information, connecting to God or Higher Power, integrating the past part with the present, seeing the games we play that keep us stuck in old patterns, and discovering the false beliefs we created that no longer work are
all part of this very specific therapy.

Emotional Clearing Therapy requires a one and one-half hour session. Through muscle testing, the therapist can determine the age at which the client is ready to work. The emotions present in the client at that time are also detected through muscle testing. This is done with light pressure on the client’s extended arm. This powerful therapy puts the client in touch with their truth and empowers them to live their life from that truth.