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SOMATO EMOTIONAL RELEASE: What the body is telling us about our emotions

The longer I work with my clients, and notice where their bodies hold stress, the more I see the connection between what they are feeling emotionally, and how they feel physically.

Most of us don’t recall consciously what our emotions are at a certain time unless there is trauma associated with the memory. Even then, we often block or store away our thoughts, beliefs and feelings about some things, just to cope with life and all its stresses. Often these core beliefs are constructed when we are children, and do not have the full picture.

Consistently, when I ask clients to describe what they notice about the tight or blocked places on their bodies, they have a very clear understanding of what may be stored there. In speaking about the past experience or issue the body begins to let go and relax. The emotions or energy in the stored place begins to release, and move through and out of the body. We feel lighter when we quit carrying around that old stuff! Accompanying that process, is often an understanding of what the truth is about ones self in that circumstance.

It’s surprising just how long we hold onto our personal beliefs, the ones about ourselves–the ones that actually govern our lives. If we feel abandoned, not heard, unlovable, angry, shameful, guilty, or any other human emotion, and carry those beliefs in our bodies, our bodies begin to show that in a lack of balance. Headaches, stomach and digestion issues, joint aches, back aches, and jaw issues are a few of the common physical problems..

To acknowledge our feelings, be aware of our thoughts, and investigate our beliefs is powerful. We actually create an opening for truth to occur. We create an outlet for our personal power, our authentic selves to be manifest. Then we can begin to come from the truth of who we are, instead of some old, worn out, false belief.

I encourage an investigation of our thoughts and feelings by writing in our journals, meditating, praying, asking ourselves questions about the old thoughts, and finding out the truth. It is freeing to wake up to things that stop us, and aren’t working in our lives. It is empowering to be who we really are without the lies. It’s freeing to take responsibility for what we feel, think and do.

As a therapist, I support each of you in your search for the truth about yourselves. And the truth about those who love you.

Let us love ourselves in truth so that we may truly love others. There are many sources for healing our emotions when we are ready to look at them.

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